Friday, June 26, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Hi, my name is Sister One and I am a Mafia Wars addict.


I was browsing through Facebook looking to see who
was listed from my graduating class.

I innocently clicked on the link advertising
Mafia Wars just to see what it was. 

It looked interesting so  I set up my mafia and 
played a couple of levels as a family of one: myself.

I needed to recruit friends to play.

It seems that I am the only graduate of AHS
from the class of '81 that plays.

I found an old (she'd dispute that) rep from the days 
of the store  and it turned out that she played. 

I linked to her and just like that my mafia family had doubled! 
Since then my mafia family has grown to 602 strong.

I now have friends in every part of the world.

I've only been playing for seven days, but I am totally, completely hooked.
I check in with my mafia family if I can't sleep during the night.
(It probably doesn't help that I drink Mountain Dew as I play.)

I don't want to do anything but play Mafia Wars.

I definitely don't want to paint.


Fortunately we finished last Friday.
Vicki is glad too.  She was getting a bit weary of hearing about the mafia.

We won't even mention what Mardell thinks.
Some mention was made to Sister Two
about taking out a hit.

I don't want to get ready for my trip to Maine.

I don't want to do laundry.
Wait!  That's nothing new.

I don't want to mow the three acres of knee high grass.

I definitely don't want to mow the chest high weeds!
I think I'll go play --- just for a few minutes.

If you want to talk to me, you'll have to join my mafia:


SisterTwo said...

too funny. It's a good thing I only have dial up, otherwise I would be playing also.

Mary said...

I have played more this past week than I have in all the months I have had the application....thanks to you!!