Monday, June 29, 2009

No more

No more shorts and flip flops
when probing the wheat field

to check the moisture level in the soil

Nope we don't need to start the sprinkler just yet.

No more shorts and flip flops when
checking how the corn field
is doing after all the rain and hail storms.


No more shorts and flip flops
when you help work cattle either.

Why do ask? After all it's summer time mom.


Daughter # 2 just gave me a call at work to tell

me that she was helping her dad check the pumps this morning,

and was bitten by a bull snake!

Scared the life out her and her worried her mother!

She did have on her shorts with a pair of cowboy boots.

But he bit above her boots. I was assured that no skin was broken, and it

had been thoroughly cleaned.

I'm guessing she won't be getting off the 4-wheeler the rest of the day.

Check your own darn sprinklers dad!


Mardell said...

Believe me, I think I am tooooo close when I run over a snake with the car. And, I don't keep track of how many times I run over the same snake. Flip flops are for when you go to town or in the house or at the swimming pool.

SisterTwo said...

Of course when you live on a ranch named Snake Creek, chances are you are going to run into one or two of them every summer.

For some reason daughter #2 wore blue jeans with her boots today.

We have a neighbor that had a bull snake that crawled out of the vent of his truck (while he was driving it). That is my worst fear. I would probably have a heart attack and crash.