Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Mystery at Shady Acres

Hello, my name is Melvin. I'm the guard dog at Shady Acres.
I have a mystery to solve.
When I woke up from my nap this afternoon, I noticed
something was wrong.
Sister One was heading out the door
with a suit case!
Let me tell you something about Sister One, she never leaves the house with a suit case.
Usually she is carrying boxes into the house, with more books in them.
Like we need more books, I can't even read!
I interviewed the other dogs at Shady Acres, and no one seemed to know what she is doing.
Our resident mother cat heard something about being gone for a whole week.
I thought to my self:
"Who is going to feed us! "
"Where could she be going for a whole week?"
I decided to contact a friend of the family,
Mr. McGruff
He seems to know about things like this.
So I asked him to stop by and investigate for us.
He sniffed around the place and found a clue:
She was last seen sitting at her computer playing her favorite game
Mafia Wars.
That wasn't a big surprise to me, because she plays this game alot!
I tried chewing through the cord so she couldn't play anymore,
but she noticed what I was doing. I spent the rest of the day in the dog house.

Next to the computer Mr. McGruff found a piece of paper on it with more clues:

Oh, that's where Missy and Jamal live. Maybe she is coming to visit.
I bet she would feed me.

Something about watching the falls.
Who would be falling?
I sleep in the chair now, so she doesn't trip over me anymore.

Vermont Maple Syrup
It must be a grocery list and she is going to make pancakes.

Whales- if time permits
What the heck is a whale? I don't think we have on of those things
living here. Wait maybe we do... I'll go check.

I'm going to look for more clues.
In the meantime maybe you can help me crack the clues we have already found,
and help solve the mystery at Shady Acres:

Where in the world is Sister One?

Thanks for your help,
Melvin, the dog


Mardell said...

Darned if I know...Melvin didn't believe me.

Mary said...

If you had Goliath write this you would know she would feed him.....