Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where in the World is Sister One? Part I

The day started out early.  Very early.

We had driven over the night before and stayed at the 
Fairfield Inn so that we could leave our vehicle
and just take the shuttle to the airport.

My co-hort asked for a 3:15 a.m. (yes, I said a.m.!) wake-up call.
Our shuttle left at 4:30 o'early.

We flew Northwest to Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Minneapolis is huge from the air

 but fortunately the airport was fairly easy to navigate ....
even for my co-hort and myself!
We went from there to Detroit .... 
and they have the coolest tunnel of any airport I've ever been in!

It reminded me of Fremont Street in Vegas last year.

This was our tightest connection, but we made it
and we were soon in the air and bound for Buffalo, our final destination.
I was more than a bit disappointed that our pilot didn't fly over Niagara Falls.
Everyone I've talked to that has flown to Buffalo got to fly over the Falls.

We picked up our rental car ... a cute little KIA Spectra ...

and we soon got to see much more of Buffalo than we thought we would!
 See where this road goes straight or veers left?

Sister One should have veered left instead of being drawn to the gold dome.

But then we would have missed this incredibly old church.

And this one, too.

Finally, we figured out where we should go.

Toll roads were a new experience for us.

We don't have many toll roads in Nebraska.
After a fashion, we left the Interstate and drove through beautiful countryside.

The gardens are huge and look incredible.

We passed many, many dairy farms and lots of cabbage fields.
I had never seen a field of cabbage before.

We drove into Brockport in the late afternoon and found my co-hort's daughter's residence.
The grandkids were so excited to see Grandma!

We went out to eat and discovered that
Brockport is a quaint little village.

However, the sit-down dining places close for Independence Day.
But we saw many interesting sights as we drove through town.
I can now say that I've driven over the Erie Canal.
Too bad that wasn't on my bucket list.

I honestly expected something much more immense.

It's been a long day and we're both exhausted 
and not looking forward to driving eight hours to Maine tomorrow. 

Who comes up with these hare-brained ideas anyway?!!

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Anonymous said...

I lived near a cabbage field back in my college days in PA. Rather odiferous. Sounds like you're having fun and seeing lots! Enjoy!