Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three Peat

Three-peat is a portmanteau of the words three and repeat.

It was first trademarked for commercial use by retired basketball coach Pat Riley in 1988.

Several teams have enjoyed three-peats.

The Bulls have done it twice.
A "repeat threepeat" if you will.


The Lakers have managed this feat as well.


But, sometimes, there are just some three-peats that you don't want to see.


Dogs 0, Porcupines 7
Our trusty vet, $200 richer


Mom said...

Poor baby!!

SisterTwo said...

Thank god this happened at your house and not mine!

I saw the headline and was hopeful three peat meant another neice or nephew from Sister Three.

Sister One said...

I'd have to agree that a California three peat would have been much more preferable. I know Annie would agree --- she had quills stuck in the roof of her mouth. We managed to get Chip's out without taking him in, but I just couldn't get all of them out of her mouth. She also had them stuck between her toes. You would think she would learn. Dumb dogs anyway.

sister 3 said...

I think my uterus would disagree.

Mary said...

Only you would be able to pull those nasty things out of Chip's face and still have limbs attached!!