Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crossing the Border

We woke early and hit the road so that we would be sure to be in Albion in time for lunch with Vicki's daughter and son-in-law.  We got in about half an hour early, so we wandered down to the Erie Canal and walked around.  We were treated to a raising of the bridge for a boat.  
Albion is a pretty little town.
I was continually amazed at the hanging baskets.
After lunch we headed to Lockport to learn more about the Erie Canal.
But, somehow, our little rental car was just drawn into a farmer's market where I was forced to buy some cherries and goat milk soap.  Sister Two, you would love New York.  Every other residence has a greenhouse.  This is the one that I want!
We arrived at Lockport without incident.  We didn't even get lost!
There are two of the original locks here.  It was very interesting.
We opted to take in the cave tour and underground boat ride.
In order to get to the cave entrance, we had to descend 212 steps.
After bracing our legs for four and a half hours yesterday, this stair case was NOT a welcome sight.
But we managed, and soon arrived at the mouth of the cave.

Our guide, who was at least twelve years old, was explaining that the tunnel/cave was used to power several factories.  The entrance is nothing more than a six foot pipe
that you walk through to get to the narrow pathway

that parallels an underground waterway.
The cave was man-made, but is now old enough that it is taking on natural cave characteristics.
This stalactite is 8 years old.
These shrooms were growing just inside the entrance.
The tour culminated in a short underground boat ride.
From there we went to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.
The falls are beautiful, but the walk about did us in!
We toyed with the idea of hanging out until the lights came on, but we were both too beat.
This image will have to do.
After yesterday's fiasco on the whale watching vessel, we opted not to take a ride on Maid of the Mist.
We watched from the sidelines instead.
Tomorrow morning we travel back to the United States.
We'll go to Buffalo and then fly home.
I can hardly wait to get there!


Mom said...

I made myself stay up till you posted today's events. What a fabulous trip you have had. It will be good to have you home tho!!

Sister One said...

I'm bringing you home a souvenier from Niagara Falls! It will be good to get back home. We are both ready!

sister 3 said...

I liked your twelve year old guide!