Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Purpose, Part II

Today we woke up to a dreary and rainy morning.

This didn't stop the sea gulls from making an enormous racket at o'early.

My internal clock has evidently sprung a spring.
I was awake at 4:30 a.m. --- which is 2:30 our time and I was up for the day.

We went down for the second day of our conference.

This was truly the whole purpose for our trip.
We wanted to see "The Sisters".

This picture is from their website, The Daily Cafe.
Here there are in all their glory during the day.

This is Gail Boushay.
She is the older of the two -- which means she is more reserved and just down to earth.
Here is the younger of the two.

Her name is Joan Moser and she is much more animated and just generally "out there".

We had an hour and a half at lunch so we strolled down to the waterfront and ate clam chowder.

It was just drizzling, so it wasn't bad.

The deluge began about ten minutes after we returned to the hotel.
Our timing was impeccable.

The afternoon went just as quickly as the morning session.

Once again we came away with lots of things to think about ...

and more "free" goodies.

After the conference we said good-bye to The Regency in Portland

and traveled down the road to Old Orchard Beach.
We took a quick nap and then headed to the Old Orchard Beach Pier.

We stood at the water's edge and just stared out at the water for a long time.

Then we did some shopping and went for a quick bite to eat.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to go whaling so we hope the weather cooperates!

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SisterTwo said...

It looks like your trip has been fantastic! I hope you are having fun. I will start looking for an annoying bird sounds CD to play outside your window.