Saturday, July 11, 2009

Excitement Isn't Over Yet

Morning came very early.  
We were at the border crossing by 8:00 a.m.

I seem to have a knack for picking the slowest lane wherever I am.
Today was no different.  
The lanes next to us processed six vehicles for every one that went the our line.
It took us nearly an hour before we could re-enter the country.

Surprisingly enough, the bridge into the USA didn't bother me like I thought it would.

This one, however, was a different story.

But we made it to the Buffalo International Airport 
without incident and waited for our flight to depart.

We got brave and tried a "Beef on Weck" sandwich.
We had seen signs all over advertising them.
They are evidently all the rage in the East.
A short time later we arrived in Detroit and commenced waiting again.

We were just a little late in boarding, and the flight was somewhat turbulent.
We tried to land in Denver but the weather wasn't co-operating
so we circled and circled and circled DIA.
They attempted to land two more times but the wind shear was too great and actually damaged the spoiler on one wing.  Since we were low on fuel, they took us into Cheyenne and we landed on a runway that was much too short for the size of plane we were on.  We landed safely, but then there wasn't a jump bridge to accommodate the plane.  We sat on the plane for well over an hour while they scared up a ladder.

Then we deplaned one at a time.  They arranged for buses to take us back to Denver; however, there weren't buses available in Cheyenne, so they brought them in from Denver.  In fact, we are sitting in the Cheyenne Regional Airport waiting for the bus to arrive (2:00 a.m.) so that we can ride to Denver and then turn around and drive the four hours home! 

Naturally, there are no rental cars available because of some week-end event.

Do you recall the hassle we had coming home from our conference last year?!
Next summer I am not writing a grant that involves ANY travel.

But it's not all bad ...... if this hadn't happened, we would never have gotten to see this:



Mardell said...

Good grief, what is there about return trips home? I still remember the return trip from Las Vegas last summer; This one does top that one though.

Mary said...

I knew that bridge would give you grief!! The boot makes it all worth while, right?? LOL with others before you start writing another grant! Maybe you can find something to DRIVE to!!! Glad you made it back on the ground in one piece!!