Thursday, June 4, 2009

Working Cows

A few days ago we were busy in the processing alley putting back tags on the cows.

Daughter # 1 is so thrilled to be helping her dad with this job.

Just look at the excitement on her face.
Don't you love how a 13 year old smiles now days?

The back tag has a sticky side that is placed
on the back hip area of the cow or heifer.
When the cattle start their cycle, other cattle will try and
mount said cow/heifer, changing the color of back tag
to a bright red.
Alerting the cattleman that this female is ready to be AI'd
(artificial insemination)
Helping put the back tags on this lot of girls reminded me of a year earlier
when daughter # 2 passed on her wise farm wisdom to mom and dad:
We had just finished AI'ing some cows one spring evening,
and we were sitting in the pickup watching a group of cows.
Trying to see if there was any activity (cows mounting each other) going on.
Well one cow jumped up on the other one and my eight year old
pipes up from the back seat with this comment...
"Dad did you ride mom or did she ride you?"
My eyes pop out of my head at this point and I try very hard to stifle
a round of laughter and not make eye contact with my husband.
My husband replies: "what do you mean?"
Daughter # 2 replies: "Sex.... DUH."
I can no longer contain myself , I start to quietly laugh to myself
and still trying not make eye contact with my husband.
Well my husband never really gave a full explantion or a very good answer to her question.
But oh did I laugh.

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Sister One said...

Oh, I do love this story! I would have loved to have watched the adults trying to hold it together and not look at each other.