Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A new favorite thing

by Sister Two:
My goal this summer is to finally get into shape.

I have devised a plan.

One: I have given up my favorite soft drink

It's been tough.
But I haven't fallen off the wagon for the past week.
No more 240 empty calories.
Which equals 20 minutes on the treadmill.
In case you were wondering.
Two: I will exercise faithfully.
I have help.
Do you own a Wii ?
Two great games that will assist in your desire to become healthy again.
The first game is:

EA Active

I love this program.
If you use it everyday faithfully.
You will loose inches and get yourself into shape once again.
I have just began my 30 day Challenge, so I haven't seen the results yet.

But I know I will.
It's has a personal trainer that takes you step by step.
Exercise by stinking exercise.

It works you and you will sweat.

The next program is:

I picked this game as a companion to the EA Active.
I like this for it's balance games and the hula hoop challenge.
I have horrible balance and hope to improve as I get in shape once again.

I also picked this program so I could learn the basics of Yoga.
As I have begun my journey with MS,
I learned that Yoga is supposed to help with many of my
symptoms. So I'm now trying to learn the basics of Yoga.
Before I get brave and attend an actual Yoga class.
Even when I was 18 years old and 125 pounds, I have NEVER
been able to touch my toes. So you can be glad you are not
a mouse in the corner of my living room. Otherwise
you would find yourself laughing uncontrollably at my attempts at yoga.
But I'm trying.

And if all fails in my attempt to get back into shape.
I do have a back up plan:
Meet Tucker.
Tucker is our new puppy.

He is part Border Collie, Blue Heeler, Lab, and Husky.

Puppies need a good long walks every day.
Along with daughter # 2 's 4-H sheep,
Roly Poly and Olie.
Named this because they lived to tell about their
trip home from the county fairgrounds.
You can find their adventure here:

Okay these are actually last year's sheep.
I haven't snapped a picture of this year's lambs yet.
Okay we haven't actually taken any long walks yet.
But we will.
So if you are debating between a new puppy and EA Active for you Wii.
Go with the game.
Your toes will thank you.
You dirty underwear laying in laundry basket will thank you.
Anything left forgotten on the floor or within easy reach will thank you.
If only he didn't chew on everything.


Sister One said...

Tucker is the most adorable little thing .... AND he still has puppy breath! We went up and saw Sister Two on Sunday. (She thinks we went up to see her, but I really went up to meet my new nephew, Tucker!) They all claim he is EVIL, but I don't believe them. The little angel did nothing but sleep the entire time that we were there.

sister 3 said...

Hey Katie, I know I say this every summer, but I want to get in shape too. I'm going to go for a walk today. That's my goal. I don't really drink pop any more (except the occasional diet when we go out, which i should quit) but what I really love that is really bad for me are starbucks decaf soy no whip mochas. I'm really, really going to try to quit. At least it's summer and I can substitute tea.