Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday

It's hard to write a Flashback Friday when one is out 
of bandwidth for the month and cannot upload any photos. 
I went back through my pictures
that I have stored on Picasa and tried to come
up with something witty, or at the very least, amusing. 

Unfortunately I'm not nearly as witty as Sister Two and Sister Three.

Or amusing, for the matter.

We went up and saw Sister Two and the family last Friday night.

We had missed all of the October birthdays (next Friday's Flashback subject) and besides, I wanted to take pictures along the way.

Who knows when I might need a picture of a piece of farm machinery ...


... or more wild life ...

such as these antelope that were 6.6 miles away.

Don't I have a magnificent zoom?!!!

Okay, okay, so maybe it was only .6 miles away,
but my camera still rocks!

The deer were especially cooperative ....


... as was this ham!


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