Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

One of my most favorite things about the Fall (besides my birthday) is Halloween. In September, I start counting down the days until the pumpkin patch opens up.

We stumbled upon a new one this year called Silveyville Farm.

(I was actually trying to go to a place that has the Guinness Book Record for largest corn maze on Earth, but I missed the exit and wound up going to Silveyville instead.)

But it was awesome! They have mattresses covered with hay that you can jump on

and wagon rides

horses to

and a giant teepee made of corn husks

and all sorts of funky cool pumpkins

1 comment:

Sister One said...

I can not believe how big the kids are getting! Anderson looks so different than we we saw him! He even looks different from his last pics.

I'm glad that you posted .... I have used up my bandwidth for the month so I couldn't post Flashback Friday. Well I could have, but without photos and then what would be the point?

I hope you had a wonderful birthday.