Sunday, October 19, 2008



by Jessica Millsaps

Every night 
The horizon lights up
Swirls of pink and orange 
Fading to blue and purple

Few bother to look anymore
At a blessing
That only comes once a day

Each sunset is different
No two exactly alike
Difference flows throughout
While it is the only similarity

Over the ocean
Or through the sky scrapers
Out on the prairie
Or in an apartment


You can still see a piece 
A piece of something
Something never to return
A sunset


For the colors are shimmering
For a moment they stay
Only to disappear into change
Change just as beautiful as the last

This is why
No matter where you go
One thing remains the same,
A difference in sunsets

In your very own sunset.

Have I mentioned how much I like my new camera?

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful.