Monday, October 20, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Last week we were working on Color Coding Language.  It was the day after we had paper maiched.  One of the words in our sentence was "weary".  Vicki asked if anyone knew what that meant.  No one raised their hand, so I offered a helpful hint.  "This is how I felt at the end of yesterday," I said.  One fourth grader promptly raised his hand and said, "Crazy."

Last year our high ability educator took our kids every other week for enrichment.  Her last name is Witzki.  We always referred to the weeks that she was here as a Witzki week. Her name was kind of hard for the kids to pronounce, but never did it became so evident as when the principal was down asking the kids how she could improve the school.  Imagine her surprise when a first grader promptly responded, "We want more Whiskey Weeks."  Yeah, me too kid.

Or the time when a fourth grader asked me why I let my housekeeper drive my car all the time!

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Mary said...

Who knew you had a housekeeper??