Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Out to lunch

You might have thought I have gone missing or was just out to lunch.
September at our household has been beyond crazy! Not to mention the phone ringing off the hook at my work place and the files piling up on my desk.
This was my very messy desk yesterday and on my birthday. So much for a easy day. I just finished cleaning it off and I'm enjoying being caught up for just a minute or two.
September brought many changes to our house.
The girls started back to school and are both loving it.
(Okay, they don't eat popcorn at school....this was at the drive in over Labor Day weekend).
Dani is in the third grade and Krista is in the seventh grade.
Krista is playing volleyball and on the student council.
Dani has helped out student managing some at volleyball practices. The Crusader's are off to a good start and will finish up just as fast. Monday is Krista's last volleyball game.
By November 1st they will be into basketball season.
Krista has been asked to participate in Duke University's 7th Grade Talent Search, http://www.tip.duke.edu/talent_searches/grade_7/ .
She will take her ACT test this winter. If she scores above a 27, she will be invited to Duke University in North Carolina for the awards ceremony. So she is hoping to do well on that and maybe get to travel cross country.
Krista turned 13 on October 3rd
and I celebrated my birthday on October 6th.
Keith is staying beyond busy. The ranch where he works held a two day cow/ calf sale. We worked hard all summer getting the cattle herd ready for it and just as hard during the sale.
Each day I helped out (about 5 total) during sale week, I walked anywhere from 12-15 miles around the sale barn. You would think I would have lost 20 pounds......not a single pound!
The sale went well and the cows have gone on to new owners.
We have stayed just as busy since then shipping more cattle in and out of the feed yard.
We have been busy chopping silage and cutting earlage to feed the cattle this winter.
Due to a Labor Day hail storm all our corn crop has been in tough shape.
The ranch has just recently changed ownership, so we have been moving all the previous owner's equipment, livestock, and general business stuff out.
While trying to still run a ranch / farm / feedlot and move all the new owner's stuff in. I wish I could say it's organized chaos, but it's not. Pretty much mass chaos.
I'm sure by next week we will be more organized at Keith's work and I can focus on stuff needing done at home... like everything. Since fair I have let things slide at home and now it's time to pay the piper and get organized.
Okay girls don't run away, you are going to help me.
Off the horse Dani and clean your room........please.


Sister One said...

I have the urge to run right up and visit you if you "have let your house slide". I'm now kicking myself for not coming up on Sunday. I'd pay to see that. If your "messy" desk is any indication of what you think is messy, then you truly are Martha. Next week I'll show you a messy desk!

SisterTwo said...

In case you were wondering.... the house work still isn't up to snuff. Spent the weekend helping at the ranch and on 4-H.

Anonymous said...

funny huh. possibly going to duke but wearing a unc shirt