Saturday, July 12, 2008

Before and After

I have been busily painting our house for the past week or so. I get up early and paint until it gets hot and the sweat starts rolling off of my face.

The Before Look

The After Look

As you can see, I'm not quite finished with the soffet but I tuckered out early today.

I think you can see the color better in this picture:

The stucco is painted Canyon View, the eaves are Hickory Grove and the trim is Ranch Acres. My goal is to paint one side per day .... at the rate I'm going I should finish by Halloween! It's made a huge improvement.


SisterTwo said...

Wow it's looking really good!! I'm very grateful my house siding and I'm not doing the same thing. But keep of the good work!

sister3 said...

Hey! That's a great improvement. I don't envy you. Painting is only fun for the first fifteen minutes, then it gets really ol.d

sister three said...

Hey Trudy, your before and afters have inspired me to clean out our hall closet. I'll post some pictures sometime so you can all see the radical transformation.

Sister One said...

Great, when you finish up there I have whole rooms that need to be cleaned out! After we get back from Vegas I'm actually going to clean out Laura's room and turn it into a library/guest room. It's not quite to the ceiling yet, but close!

SisterTwo said...

Library / Guest room my ass! You need a whole wing put on your house for all your books!