Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Phuket by Elephant

Today we went to the Evil Empire to begin preparation for our Vegas trip. You know, travel toothpaste, underwear and socks (Lord knows I wouldn't want to do laundry), and supplies (beastie food) for the zoo crew left here.

At any rate, while we were waiting to check out I picked up a Time Life special publication entitled "Top 100 Vacations" or some such thing and leafed through it. The vacation spot that caught my eye was: "Phuket by Elephant" (Just how do you pronounce that?) and naturally I thought of my nieces.

Do you suppose this is where they are headed?


SisterTwo said...

As many places as Krista has traveled this summer, maybe Phuket. My guess that is somewhere on the Asia coast?
Great picture....thank god the circus comes just once a year. But it was a good one. I believe Aunt Trudy rocked after that day of watching them set up and paying for the Elephant ride. Isabella and Anderson who have to come visit Aunt Trudy when you are older. She does fun stuff with her nieces and nephew.

Sister One said...

Let's see .... Krista will be a senior before we know it which would make Bella Boo 11 and Anderson 9. We'll have to plan a spectacular Niece's and Nephew Day Out for that year!