Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gratitude List

Hey Sister #1, thanks for thinking up this blog! I'm having such a fun time blogging with you two and dreaming about green bean casseroles! This is what I'm grateful for today.

1. casseroles (which goes without saying)
2. purple star pants
3. no Toni home perms in the last decade
4. seeing a big stork in a tree yesterday (this is not a code for being pregnant--I actually saw a real stork in the wild!)
5. having two funny, awesome sisters


Three Sisters said...

It's 6:34 and I'm just now getting up, so that's the first thing for which I'm grateful.

I, too, am very grateful for casseroles .... especially of the green bean variety.

I'm especially grateful that I've not seen a big stork of the coded variety. If I did, I'd have to beat it off with a baseball bat unless the package it was carrying had four legs!

I consider myself pretty lucky in the sister department --- even if I did want rabbits instead of siblings as a child!

My biggest disappointment in life is that I never had a pair of purple star pants --- unless you consult mom. She insists that all four of us wore them. I know for a fact that those pants never graced my body. I had the green plaid pants.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful self sticking enevelopes and stamps.