Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Need Help With A Name

     Meet our latest bit of insanity.  Do you guys remember how we decided no more animals? 
Yeah, that was a golden retriever and one kitten ago.  
This sweetheart showed up at the office.  It was near the door but hidden in a cement block and panting like crazy.  Karen had offered it water, but it wasn't interested so she called me.  I did the same thing and cautiously picked her up.  She bolted, but we managed to nab her.  She instantly began purring.  Do you know how hard it must be to purr while panting?  Cyndie, the pessimistic, gloom and doom, office worker declared it was distemper and it was dying.  I didn't think it was distemper .... her eyes were clear and she didn't smell at all.  Her nose was crusted over and she continued to pant, even in the cool office.  I got on the internet and searched her symptoms and decided she had an upper respiratory infection.  Karen was taking her dog into the vet the next day so she said she would just take her along.  
     She couldn't wait and took her in yet that night.  My computer-chair diagnosis was correct and she got amoxicllin drops.  It didn't take but a day or two before she was looking and acting much better.  Unfortunately Karen is allergic to cats.  She had decided to bite the bullet and live on Claritin, but that didn't even seem to help.  So of course I volunteered to take her.  Sucker that I am.
     But she needs a name and nothing is coming that seems to fit.  Karen had been calling her Missy, but I think my Missy from the Zoo Crew might be offended.  Of course my niece and nephew have the same names as a rabbit and dog that I had.  So maybe that's not such a bad thing. We'll see what they think as they get older.  Do you suppose they'll really believe that Mom and Dad had no clue?
So any suggestions and ideas would be welcome.


SisterTwo said...

Carmello. She's colored liked the inside of Carmello candy bar. MMMM.... I wonder if the vending machine downstairs have those?

sisterthree said...

I'm such a retard. I asked what you named your dog, but you just wrote that they still needed names. if your dog isn't too bright, you can call her nicki

SisterTwo said...

No I think the dog has a name-Maybelle is the golden retriever.

Erica said...

HA about the name-the-dog-Nicki comment. I remember that you're smart, Nicki!!

How about Foxy? Look at that tail! When we were in Steamboat Springs a couple of weeks ago, we saw foxes, day and night. Their tails were bushy, just like in children's books.