Wednesday, July 23, 2008

project deadline fast approaching

The county fair is fast approaching and my darling daughters are
waiting until crunch time to start their projects!
We have 12 days and counting......
One of the projects is the kids turning a ordinary pickle jar into a designer cookie jar,
filled with 2-4 different kinds of cookies.
So here is how it goes
Ordinary, empty glass jars....
With a little creativity and a dose of aren't you done yet talks..
we have
or perhaps
My favorite one she did was of a cowgirl picture decoupauged on red western print material. That was edged in thin rope.
It was her first and my favorite.
But somebody forgot to take a picure of it.
Ummm, who would that have been??
But the best part of the cookie jar contest at the local fair is that after they are judged
they are auctioned off to the highest bidder.
Let me tell you some of those grandparents get kinda crazy
once the bidding starts.
So I will entertain ideas on what to turn this ordinary glass jar into.
Since it is still an ordinary glass jar and not some unique, great, exciting creation yet.


Sister One said...

How about a Vegas theme? I'm just back from the conference and it was so good that I plan to go back next year --- but I will never, ever fly Frontier again (another story to be posted this week-end).

Anyway, since the snowman cookie jar was supposed to be refilled at monthly intervals, but never seemed to be, I was thinking that would make a superb place to store my change for my next trip.

Of course if Vegas is too risque and not wholesome enough for a 4-H event, you can always go with some sort of ocean theme. Salt dough sea animals attached ... blue background, etc. That would be just as good since my theme for my room is "Ocean" this year.

sisterthree said...

Their must be some kind of genetic thing with procrastination. I always say I do my best work under pressure. Although I wouldn't know because I have nothing to compare it to -- I do my only work under pressure.

Cute cow pics too! So you guys had a good trip picking up Krista? I can't believe it's already almost fair time. summer is flying by!