Monday, July 14, 2008

Chores and more chores

My days seem to stay plenty busy as is the case for most people. But for some insane reason we (as in my husband and I) decided we want to encourage our children to particpate in the 4H program. Well as my oldest has headed off to her third camp this summer, we are left with her chores.
That need feed twice a day and not just chucking hay over the fence. You have to lug, measure and mix the feed to give them a balanced ration that will get the best rate of gain to finish them for sale day
or the f_ _ _ _ _ r.
Then one day my oldest and her father decided they weren't growing enough hair.
It seems you need to have hair in order to groom them perfectly for county fair day.

Who knew these things... so that means every morning at 5a.m.
Krista and her father head out to bathe the beasts.
And again every evening........
Lucky for Krista, her sister likes to help out.
Krista and Snoopy like smiling for the camera.
Then once all that is accompolished it's time to feed her sheep and don't forget that they need walked daily.
Or that Honey Bear needs his bottle....
Who needs a clean house or food on the table


Sister One said...

Clean houses are over-rated! I am always totally impressed with all that you do!

sisterthree said...

Isabella wants to know why aunt katie no blow dry the cow's hair?

SisterTwo said...

Isabella sweetheart,
We blow dry the calves hair to make it look pretty. I would also put in barrettes and hair pieces, but Keith won't let me.

I love you.

Aunt Katie