Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cross one off your list

Hey Number Two . . .

The grapes are almost ready for picking. (I don't know if you can see the baby grapes here or not, it's a little dark.)

After the fair, you and Number One should hop on a redeye for a quick California getaway. And then you can cross that one off your list!

Bring your sunscreen though (and your insurance card in case of heat stroke) because it is boiling hot here.

Even with all of the fires and the scorching heat, it's still great to look at. People complain about how brown and ugly it is in the summer, but I think it's really pretty.

1 comment:

SisterTwo said...

I would love to visit you in California and scratch one off the list, but this year that will be impossible. We are getting ready for a change in owners of the ranch and that will mean getting 1300 head of cows and calves ready to sale on September 17 & 18th. We are already clipping and groomig these 1300 head and will be getting the babies ready to wean. In addition all the farm/ ranch machinery ready to sale and or moved to one of his other ranches. We will start chopping the corn for silage around September 1st. So I'm 200% sure that I won't be going anywhere for months to come. But who knows what next year will bring. Is Andrew going to Spain this summer?