Monday, September 22, 2008


I am literally counting the minutes until Saturday
when this camera will be all mine, mine, mine!
8.1 megapixels with a 12x optical zoom.

Sunday morning I hiked down to the Little Lake.
Can you imagine how much better this photo might have been?


I was amazed that I was able to snap this. 
He swooped down in front of me and scared the whoop out of me.
Seconds later a second one soared past.

The pelicans are migrating through again.
I love this time of year.
I'm going to love it even more when I get my new camera!


You never know what you're going to find when hiking.
We've had more rain this year than in past 
and the mushrooms are plentiful. 
I ran across many berries and blooms as well.

They have shut off the water to the lake and are draining both Big and Little Lake Alice in order to make repairs to them.  It didn't take long for the water level to recede.


Fall is definitely here.

I am always excited when the pelicans arrive.
Of course, I like it much better in the spring.
It never fails that they arrive within three days of Easter.
Their fall arrival is much more bittersweet because I know cold weather is just around the corner.  People are always amazed to learn that they migrate through here.


Just wait until next spring with my new camera.  I'll be able to shoot great detail.  I can hardly wait.  Only 108 hours, 14 minutes and 32, no 31, no 30 seconds to go!


Mary Mangelsen said...

Did I happen to mention that I am going to try out your new camera this week? Maybe we will have to fight over it when you get here Saturday! You could always have mine in exchange!! See you soon! Mary

nicki said...

Oh Trudy, what awesome pictures! Especially the owl!

SisterTwo said...

Love the picture of the red vine on the fence post. You have amazing scenery in your backyard. I have cows, cows, and more cows. (Did I do the whole comma thing right????) I also have fallen down barns, fence lines and an old sod house. I'm going to have to post pictures before we start taking all of that stuff out and I'm brave enough to walk back by the soddie. Who knows where a snake could be lurking!