Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday

  Before we go to our regularly scheduled Flashback, let me first apologize for the lack of content this week.  Sister Three gallantly held up her end last week and I sluffed off all week.  I can plead insanity and everyone would believe it, so let's just leave it at that.  Also, a word to the wise maternal figure in our lives ..... you shouldn't ever complain about a picture posted because there is a bevy of really interesting ones around the corner!

     Since this is a tribute to mom, it wouldn't be complete  without a link to Anita Renfroe's Momsense video.  If you haven't seen this, you simply MUST!  It is hilarious.  It is 24 hours of a Mom's nagging advice compressed into almost three minutes and set to the William Tell Overture.  It's well worth the wait and the bandwidth!
Choose Momsense  on the left and prepare to chuckle.
Here is a great picture of the three Hall cherubs.  Uncle Jon, Aunt Sue and Mom.

     Mom was the middle child. Might I point out that Sister Two is also the middle child.  She and I delight in sending birthday cards back and forth proclaiming that the other has turned into "Mom", but I think simply because of birth order she is more like her than either Sister Three or myself.  (I'm really sucking up to Sister Three at this point because she is going to absolutely kill me for a picture I am about to post.  I'd just like her to remember that picture she posted of me in that nice pink balloon dress that we had to wear to Jen's wedding!)

Mom would have been two in this picture.  I think this was originally Grandma Hall's picture because that looks like her writing on the bottom.  I don't think Grandma Lou took the picture though --- there's no finger in the corner and no heads were cut off.
Weren't Aunt Sue and Mom cute in this picture?
Mom didn't look very happy in this picture.
In fact, she looked a little bossy.
It doesn't look like Aunt Sue listened to her.
That should have been good practice for 
her for when she had kids of her own!
Let's fast forward to that time now.
Here is an early family picture of Aunt Sue, Uncle Marlin, and Todd with Mom, Dad, the little bundle of joy that knocked me off my throne and of course, me. I didn't want a bundle of joy --- I just wanted a rabbit.
Christmases were always special. 
Some of my best memories are of playing word games with Mom, Aunt Sue and Grandma Lou.  It seems like that's what we did all afternoon on Christmas Day.  They showed no mercy either!  I resorted to reading the dictionary in order to be able to hold my own.  Aunt Sue gave me a really cool dictionary about five years ago because she remembered my story about reading one just to keep up.
It wasn't always fun and games though.

I don't know who was brave enough to 
snap her picture while she had a knife in her hand! 
She has never seemed to like her picture taken. 
Mom is best known for her infamous "green bean casserole".
Many of you loyal readers have probably wondered about the 
scattered references to it throughout this blog.  Let's just say 
that she should have stuck to spaghetti.
We all seemed to like that.
(Nope, this isn't the one that Sister Three is going to be so mad about!)
Mom would have made a great registered nurse.  
She did quite a bit of nursing throughout her life 
and she probably made the right career choice. 
Her forte definitely did not lie in the field of cosmetology.
But she has discovered that she likes working with the kids in my classroom.
Here she is at the Wildcat Hills after giving an art lesson using charcoal.
Imagine 26 first and second graders with charcoal all over their hands!
Here she is on the same day with my friend Feagler.  Actually my friend got divorced and she changed her name so I can't call her Feagler anymore.  But I do.  So there, Feagler!

Here is Mom with Sister Three and hubby in
Yosemite on our California Vacation.
All that was missing was Chevy Chase.
Yikes!  That was a long time ago.
But not nearly as long ago as this one with Sister 
Two,right, and Sparkplug, our puppy on the left.
(Just in case you were confused as to
which one was Sister Two and which one was Sparkplug)
Grandma Lou must have taken this picture.  Mom's head is cut off.

Mom loved to plan events.  A birthday party for an unsuspecting granny who had never had a party before she turned 78.  Parades for Armistice Day.  Annual family reunions on Independence Day.   Thanksgiving Day extravaganzas.  If you really want to get Mom's goat, ask her about the year the cat walked down the length of the Thanksgiving table that she had preset with china, crystal and silver the night before.  Or ask her about the plastic butter tub in the midst of said china, crystal and silver.
She loved visiting with her firstborn grandchild.
Meet Clarence, mom's first grandchild.
Sorry Krista.  You only thought you were first.
Here's a great picture of Sister Two, hubby, mom and Krista.
Christmas seems to just be a natural time for taking pictures.

Here's looking to many, many more holidays!


nicki said...

Who is in the picture with aunt sue and mom and grandma hall who is sitting in the black chair?

Mom said...

Great grandmother Hall and Vivian Smiley. That was taken on Christmas eve. The bookcase and bamboo curtain was the wall to Uncle Jon's bedroom on the west end of the living room.