Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's Official

School must officially be in session.
We've had kids for four days and I have a head cold.
I don't know what it is about the first of the year, 
but I can pretty much bet that within the first
two weeks I'll come down with something.
I started on Tuesday feeling fantastic.
Two students were gone the first day.
The next day several complained about not feeling well.
On Thursday we sent one student home.
On Friday another student went to the doctor to make sure he didn't have strep throat.
This is what I hate the most about school.
Except for recess duty.
Definitely recess duty.
Friday night my throat was a bit sore, but I chalked it up to the smoky environment in which we celebrated having survived the first week of school with no major incidents.
It was still raw on Saturday, but not bad.
Today my head was the size of a watermelon.
I've slept for the majority of the day and I am now
swigging Nyquil.  It'll be okay.  I have ten and a half hours before I leave for school.


SisterTwo said...

Too funny. You are so right about all the viruses that are associated with school. Dani said some of her class was out sick yesterday, so I'm sure her day is coming also.

sisterthree said...

Isabella was really sick today when I picked her up from school too.

Grandma said...

What does Izzy think of school??

Sue said...

What kind of school?

sisterthree said...

She started pre-school last week and she really likes it. I'll post some pics for you when i have a chance.