Friday, September 5, 2008

Flashback Friday

I had a hard time deciding what to write about this week. The first week was a no-brainer. I think I can safely say that most of the Hall family would have made Grandmother Hall their first choice. You're going to hear a lot more about her as time goes on.

The second week was easy as well because school was starting. Of course I failed to find the photo I was looking for, but it sufficed.

This week I had a lot of avenues that I was looking at .... somebody posted on the College Bound post asking who Brandon, Nick and Little Jen were. They were foster kids that we had, and that story has many, many layers to it. Sometime in the near future I'll focus on "our" kids and tell that story, but not today.

I strongly considered writing about Granny, since I had written about Mom's side. You know, equal opportunity for dad's side of the family and all that, but I'm still experiencing lots of guilt from erasing her from the picture that I used for the "Lost Vacation" pictures.  So that was out.

Then I considered leaving it for Sister Two or Sister Three to write. That seemed like a great option, but I feel a sense of responsibility to write one up since I started Flashback Fridays. I'm sure they'll schedule one soon and I'll be off the hook for a week. (Hint, hint, hint!  But if they don't, I guess I can go ahead with the Sister Two and Sister Three features. That would take care of two weeks!)

I finally decided to focus on a fun time that we all had together.

This wasn't it.  I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. 
But don't you agree that Sister Two in the middle is just as cute as a bug's ear?  Isn't that a dumb saying?  Bugs don't have ears.  They aren't even cute. 

If I remember correctly, (and trust me, if I don't Mom will let me know) this was a trip to Omaha in 1976.  Actually I know it is Omaha because we are at the Henry Doorly Zoo with Aunt Debbie.  I'm just guessing it was the year of the bicentennial, which was also known as the Year After the Year of the Nifty Socks.  Yeah, you had to read last week's flashback for that to even make any sense.  Even then you may just shake your head and wonder about me.  Most people do so you are in good company.

From left to right:  Jennifer, our deceased sister, Aunt Debbie holding Sister Three, 
Sister One looking down and Sister Two clad in green and looking to the side 

We had a great deal of fun.  I look like I'm especially protective of Sister Two.  Actually I think I was just moving her to where she should stand, but let's go with the protective bit.  It makes me look better and can even be further substantiated with this photo of us at Chadron State Park.  I think we were at the Shriner's picnic with Grandad Jiggs.
I'm guessing that I'm about ten in this photo.  
I don't know what Sister Two was apprehensive about, 
but she seemed to think I could keep her safe.  
I don't think she could sit any closer to me!  
I guess grown men running around in fezzes 
can be construed as pretty scary.  
Anyway, back to the flashback at hand.
Our trip to the zoo was so much fun.  I don't remember what else we did in Omaha on that trip but I sure remember the zoo and how much fun it was to see Aunt Debbie.  I don't think she put Sister Three down that entire trip!

 This is my favorite picture from that zoo trip.
I still claim that I'm the one that took it, but who knows?

We didn't see Aunt Debbie very much because she lived so far away, so I only have the zoo photo and this one of her and Dick.  I'm thinking the background is Grandma Martin's kitchen.  It looks like her curtains and cupboards, but I don't have a clue as to when it might have been taken.  Any ideas, anyone?

 Zoos have been an important part of my life.  I love visiting our local zoo.  Mardell and I took in two or three zoos on our trip to the south.  Several years ago I took my first and second grade class to the Denver Zoo.  That was quite a trip!

Last year I was lucky enough to get to go "behind the scenes" at the Henry Doorly Zoo for a Science camp that I was selected to attend along with my teaching partner.  Someday I'm going to make it to the San Diego zoo.  Maybe I'll get to go with Izzy and Anderson.
Until then I'll just have to enjoy old trips with photos and memories.
This is Josh, one of our 16 foster kids, meeting Scooter the chimp at the Riverside Zoo.  
They seemed to connect on a primal level.

What's a trip to Riverside Zoo without getting a drink out of the head of a lion?
Sister One holding the faucet for Laura, a foster child.  
Brandon is hurrying up to get his turn.  Nick and Chris have been and gone.

Here's a photo taken in probably 1989 at the Riverside Zoo.  It's probably been that long since I was out in public in a tank top!
I'm not sure what we're doing or even what we are looking at.  This was back in the day when they had feeders in the raccoon cages.  I'm thinking that's what we were feeding but I'm not sure.  Is that old age kicking in?

Next year I'd like to grab Sister Two, Krista and Dani and take in the Denver Zoo's overnight safari.  I think it would be great fun to camp out in the zoo!  What do you guys say?  Shall we plan it?  Maybe Sister Three and Izzy and Anderson could meet us in Denver.  That would be a blast!


SisterTwo said...

I love that picture of the four of us and not just because I was so darn cute.

Wow, Trudy you had quite the hair do going there in the zoo picture with Aunt Debbie.

Speaking of Aunt Debbie she has always been a beautiful lady and so very nice.

sisterthree said...

I love Aunt Debbie. She's my favorite, favorite Aunt (next to Aunt Sue and Aunt Jo). She's my favorite Aunt on dad's side of the family. Also, I've always wanted her hair. Why couldn't I inherit the nice hair gene instead of the lazy eye gene?

I don't think I was old enough to remember that trip, but I looked at those otter pictures so many times that I made a false otter memory because it seems like I remember seeing them.

Sister One said...

There is a teacher at Lake Minatare School that I swear is Aunt Debbie's double. I do a double take every time I see her.