Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cell Phones

Once upon a time I did not want a cell phone. In any way, shape or form.
In my opinion they were annoying and a nuisance.

That was eight phones ago.

When our land line bill went to $75 for the bare minimum
and no long-distance service, we joined the technology revolution
and bought our first bag phone for the car.
Our other phone was a nice little phone with

a one pound battery on the back that got really hot if you talked for a long time.

I'm kinda hard on phones.
Okay, I'm really hard on phones.

I dropped one in the toilet at school.
Fortunately, I hadn't gone yet.
I know, I know, TMI!

Phones tend not to recover from a swim,
but amazingly this one did. Sort of.
Sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn't.

I was changing a flat tire on my CR-V
and dropped the spare on one.
Cracked the screen. I'd had it for a whopping six days.

I put my CR-V in the ditch and in the process of
trying to get it out, I dropped my phone in the mud and
drove over it. More than once.
I found it four days later and the thing still worked.

I also tend to lose phones.
Well, not really lose them ... more like misplace them.

But just until I have purchased a replacement --- then I find the lost phone.
Every time. Without fail.

Our house is surrounded by buttes and our cell reception sucks to say the least. I can usually receive calls if I'm on our roof. I tend not to hang out on our roof, so I don't talk to many folks.

That really only bothers me when school is canceled
and I am the only one who shows up because

I have no clue that it has been called off.

Some friends of ours that live in the area told us that they get great reception with Viaero. Even on their farm which is just down the road from us. Great. We dropped All-Tel and switched over to Viaero. Of course we had to buy new phones. We specifically told them why we were switching and where we lived. We got home and I could actually dial out while sitting on my bed. I was overjoyed. It was a fluke. The service wasn't any better than before.

We had heard that you could get a signal booster from All-Tel so we went back. $8
00 later, we once again had two new phones and a signal booster on order. It would arrive in 3 to 5 days.
We patiently waited and waited some more.

Then one evening our early alert system went off and we knew the UPS man must have driven in. How would you like to pull into our yard and face six large dogs? They were actually inside at the time, but they seem to be even more ferocious sounding then. Our nice UPS man didn't even bother to knock, he just left the package outside of our door on the outside trash can.

I eagerly ripped into it only to discover that the brainiacs at the shipping center had mailed us a router for the internet. Of course it was a Friday night, but we decided to take a chance on the office
being open and so we went to town. Lo and behold they were still open. A very nice young man that had had the good fortune to wait on us the first time around (total time in the office: 3.5 hours) got to wait on us again. This time only took us an hour. He ordered us another one and we commenced to waiting again.

It finally came just before we went to Longmont to move Marissa. It was very complicated. The antenna had to be fifteen feet away from any person, the outside antenna had to be three feet below or above the inside antenna and at least eight feet away from the main unit. I excitedly got the ladder out, mounted the outside antenna, hooked up the inside antenna and plugged it in. Nothing. I was absolutely disgusted, so I got on-line to read up on the equipment to ensure I had it properly placed. And to think I've always scoffed at Consumer Reports.

Instead, I found a web site called WPS Antennas ( and they had all kinds of
information on amplifiers and signal boosters. The unit we had ordered was in the neighborhood of $300 and our only options were wired or wireless. This outfit had many, many options. One option was only $65 plus shipping so at 1:38 a.m. I placed an order for the Freedom Booster and adapter. By 8:30 a.m. I had a confirmation number and tracking information because it had already been shipped. Two days later it arrived.

Once again I excitedly opened up the package. I was amazed at how small it was. I was amazed at how mobile it seemed to be. There was nothing to it.

It was simple, plug one end of the jack into the antenna booster and the other end into the antenna jack on the phone. My new phone has an internal antenna under the battery plate. I didn't want to just start taking things apart, so I e-mailed the outfit asking for clarification on where the antenna jack was located. Within thirty minutes I had a reply. I can now talk and receive calls anywhere in my house --- if I am plugged into the booster.

Now there's only one small problem ---
I never seem to get to the booster first!
Next payday we are ordering another one!

If anyone is in the market for a cell phone booster, be sure to try

I can't say enough good things about their company.
Call me and I'll tell you all about it.

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Mardell said...

Funny thing, my cell phones just grow old and finally have to be retired....nothing exciting like the author of the article.....but must really hand it to her for finding this awesome boaster....and YES, I definitely am hogging the use of it, however, I had to read in print that poor her didn't have one to use. Oh, well. (smile)