Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fixing Photos

As you have probably surmised from the "lost"
vacation pics of Sister Two and Sister Three,
I enjoy tinkering around with photos.

I absolutely loved this picture from the post entitled "Flower Children".

But I really felt the urge to make Anderson a true
"Flower Child" and touched up Sister Three's photo:

Isn't he just the coolest little dude?!

Unfortunately I have yet to win one of Pioneer Woman's Photoshop giveaways,
(or anything else for that matter)
so I am stuck using the Paint Shop Pro that I picked up
off of E-bay for $3.62 back in my store days when I was selling
ornaments of jockstraps, outhouses and barbells like hotcakes.

Can you imagine hanging a jockstrap on your Christmas tree?

Or an outhouse? What are people thinking?

The barbell is so heavy it would break the branch it hung on!

By the way, I have 72 of the barbells available
for the low, low price of $5.99
if anyone is interested!

To give you an idea of how long ago all that was, I'm using Version 7.
They are now up to Version 162. At least.

Okay, okay, so they're only up to Paint Shop Pro X2.
That would be okay too, but until I win the lottery
I'll just manage with what I have.

After posting the picture of me dressed for the Style Show,
I got to playing around with the photo in an attempt
to remove Grandma Lou's thumb.
It's better, but for the life of me
I can't figure out how to fix my shirt.

Can anybody help?

It's better, but still not great.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Not that I really care about this particular photo,
but I know there has to be a way to fix it that is
eluding me and that bothers me that I can't figure it out.

I'm like that. I suffer greatly from CDO.
(OCD in alphabetical order, the way it should be)
(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for those of you not afflicted.)

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