Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Foster Grandparent

Another school year is underway!  Mom was at school
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  I think she was especially excited
since her cataract surgery was such a success.  She could
actually see the kids and see what they were doing.
We have 25 students and the first day is always so much fun.
The kids are always so excited and anxious to get started.

One family brought the teachers sweet corn and
another baked a cake for the class

and brought each of the teachers a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Sister Two, did you do this for your kids' teachers?

The students were excited to see the new mural.  
They were responsible for painting the background.  
I just have a shot of the top portion ..... 
I can't get far enough away to take a good picture of the whole thing.
Here is a small portion of the bottom section .... 
I think of Frog Legs every time I look at it!
Speaking of Frog Legs, how is third grade going for her?

Our third and fourth graders are going on a field trip tomorrow.
They get to go to the Farm and Ranch Museum.  Mardell
is going to get to go with them this year since she is retired.
I get to stay with the first and second grade 
with Grandma Pam and our new student teacher, Miss Barker. 
She and I are going to do some pre-testing while 
Grandma Pam plays games with the kids like she's doing here.
She's going to work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays again.
I sure hope she likes playing games because she's going to get 
lots of practice!  She's also going to do lots of reading and listening
to kids read.  We're really going to work her hard this year!
We appreciate all of the extra hands in our room.  
They are a godsend.

1 comment:

SisterTwo said...

No, I dind't do a single nice thing for any of the teachers. I'm one of those parents!

Did you actually eat the cool cake? Who knows maybe an onery fourth grader baked some laxatives into the cake.

Girls are in full swing of activities already.

FYI- Krista was elected to Student Council this year. She is pretty excited.