Sunday, September 21, 2008


In the quilting world, a UFO is simply
an UnFinished Object.

This is an entire category at some quilt shows.
Somebody thought giving a prize might 
be an incentive to finish the project.

As if.

This is the front and back of Izzy's quilt.  
It is all pieced and just needs to be quilted.

Marissa's stills needs to be quilted too.

As does this baby quilt that I did for the neighbor's baby .....

... who is now two and a half years old.

Sister Two and Three ---
go ahead and have another child.
I'm ready for you.

This is a wall-hanging that I actually finished for Sister Three.  

I liked it so much I made one for us.
When we had the store, we would drape the tree stands
with fabric instead of using tree skirts.  We didn't sell tree skirts so
we didn't want to draw attention to the base,
but we didn't want a bare tree stand either.

This Santa print was one of my favorites.
  Alas, it still isn't quilted.

I also have a Turning Twenty quilt that is ready to be quilted.
This is the second quilt that I pieced. 

So I don't know if you can really consider these UFO's or not.

This sampler is a true UFO.
I re-took the class that started all this
madness with Julie.

She finished her quilt, but I still haven't.
I still have the border to add to this.  I think I still have
four or five border blocks to piece before I can add the border!

Does it count as a UFO if it hasn't been started yet?

Each bin contains two to three projects.

If you think that is scary, take a look at our fabric stash.

And yes, those are even more projects on the side!

My next UFO is going to be Anderson's quilt.  

When I made Izzy's, I used a panel that was
intended to be made into a cloth book.  
I decided to do the same with his.

It's called animals around the world.
Here is the fabric for the filler blocks.

 Isn't that just too cute?
And I'm thinking about this for the backing.
Or maybe just a solid color.  I haven't decided yet.
I also have a panel that could be a wall hanging.
Of course, I don't know if he has room 
in his room for a wall-hanging.
I just hope he'll like it at age 18!

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