Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flashback Friday

Sister Two, today we are going to revisit your past.
Of course, since all of the film was used on the first-born, 
charming photogenic child and there are so few pictures 
of you as the middle-child, this may be pretty short!

You were an adorable baby.
I still say you had a square head.

Although I must admit, I was much more excited 
about your arrival than I was about Jen's. When she
showed up, I wanted a rabbit instead.  By the time you came along,
I realized what an asset a sibling could be.  With careful
planning and extra cunning, I never got into trouble for the things that I did!

Even so, you were an incredibly happy child.
Fortunately that hasn't changed and you are an incredibly happy adult.
Or you would be if you'd learn how to say no to committees!

Even with a broken arm, you were a happy child.
Playing with Evel Knievel on Christmas morning
seemed to make you happy.
Whatever you opened here delighted you!

You were such an inquisitive child and you grew up
to recognize the importance of taking the time
to stop and smell the flowers!

And if you weren't smelling the flowers, you were wearing them.
Mom insists this is Jen, our DDS (dear departed sister)
but I am positive it is Sister Two.  She always had a flair
 for fashion ... see how her purse matches her outfit.

Her fashion flair is evidenced in the next photo as well.
I am just sorry to report that I had an identical dress. 
Mom went through a phase of dressing us in matching
dresses that were as ugly as sin.  This was at Christmas. 
 Who wants to play on Christmas day wearing an ugly long dress??!!  
Or a short ugly dress for that matter?!!!
See, another Christmas and another dress. 
With hot red knee-length boots no less.

You look like you either just woke up or else
 you weren't feeling very good in this picture.

Here you just looked mad.  Probably because
Jen wouldn't let you hammer.  Or maybe
because Sister Three had on a halter top and
you only had a red t-shirt.

We had lots of fun outside the treehouse though.
I think this was when Epp came back from Florida
and we went to Denver to get her.  It is the fountain
in front of Casa Bonita if I'm not mistaken. 

This was at Flinstone Village.  We had just
finished eating brontosaurus burgers.

If we weren't going places, we were living
vicariously through all of Dad's travels
in his eighteen-wheeler.

Yet, Christmas seems to be the time for all good pictures to be taken.
I just love DDS' hair in this picture.  She could probably have gone
to Texas with Sister Three and skated.  I think this is one
of the best pictures of Granny that there is.  She
never smiled much for pictures.  She kind of took after
all those scary folks on the steps to her attic!
Another Christmas picture ... this time with all of the cousins.
Let's see if we can name them .....

From left to right:  Stinky, Casey, Gus, Cowboy, Pete, Pee Wee, Re-Pete and Sam in front. 

We can't possibly conclude this flashback without a dreaded middle school photo.  You would have been so disappointed had I forgotten it!


SisterTwo said...

Yeah I have to agree, I was a pretty cute kid. If only they would have quit cutting my hair every time I turned around.
What's with the photographer not saying "Hey kid you are standing lopsided and you kinda look like a dork. Straighten up already."
If only he would have done that. Then I wouldn't have to burn one of the only pictures of me taken.

Sisster One said...

So is that you in the flowered coat with the purse? I'm still sure it is. I'm now thinking the Texas hair do and rollerskating must have been Feagler and not Sister Three. Or else I'm just losing my mind. Yeah, that's it.

SisterTwo said...

Yes, the girl in the flower dress was me. The stuffed dog in the window behind the girl in the flower dress, only cost $16.00. I (or my parents) purchased that stuffed dog at the same time Sister Three got her stuffed gorilla, Nikeyma.

nicki said...

Oh Nakema, how I miss you! Thanks again for throwing him away, Mom.