Friday, September 12, 2008

Flash Back Friday: What did you love (or hate) most about school?

Isabella had her first day of pre-school last week and had a great time. Unlike many of her classmates who had a hard time being separated, (one poor little girl was sobbing hysterically and trying to make a break for the parking lot when we were coming in the door) Isabella was so psyched to be there that she didn't even say good-bye, she just ran over to the other kids and started playing.

Here's a picture of her on her first day of school.

Here's one of me at pre-school:

Nothing spells popularity quite like an eye patch. Except maybe an eye patch and glasses. At least no one could call me four eyes.
I can't remember much about Blue Puppy Dog pre-school except that I think it might have been near the high school or the middle school and Trudy parked her bike in Mr. McKibbon's (sp?) yard which was near Mrs. Golf's house. (Maybe or I might have dreamed about that and have now confused it for a real memory.)
I also remember bringing leftover lobster or crab shells from when mom and dad went out to dinner, but Mrs. Golf's dog Dinah ate them and I didn't have anything for show and tell. I vaguely recall seeing a planet mobile and maybe a few dinosaur toys, but other than that, nothing else sunk in.
The other night we were outside of Target and it smelled just like kindergarden. I can't quite place the scent. Like a mixture of flowers and cookies and glue.

What are your first memories from school? Who was your favorite teacher? (I think mine were Mr. Ocken-fourth grade, Ms. Hoffman and Mrs. Foy in highschool.) I was most afraid of Mr. Miller (the fourth grade killer) and Ms. Pilfold. I'm sure she was equally horrified by my complete ineptitude (is that a word?) at P.E.
What did you think you would be when you grew up? (My job aspirations varied from belly dancer to truck driver to author to teacher.) I'm pretty sure my belly dancing options are out now. It's never too late to be a truck driver though. I still have my handle (Green Goose). What's your handle?


SisterTwo said...

Love the picture of you from pre-school. I remember Blue Puppy Dog school also. I remember playing with the tea set. That was always fun. Yes it was between the middle and high schools.

I don't remember a favorite teacher in grade school, but Mrs. Nelson (Pat) was my favorite in high school. I also liked Mrs. Peterson the year I had her for English.

How in the heck do you remember the things that you remember???? Green Goose! I have NO idea what my cb handle was. Yikes, that was a loooooong time ago.

SisterTwo said...

Mr. Ocken was just in my office. I haven't seen him for several years, you mention his name and in he comes. Still looks the same but with a little more gray hair.

Sister One said...

I see Mr. Ocken on a fairly regular basis. I belong to the same PDK group. He always asks about you two. He may be grayer, but he is just as nice as I remembered him to be.

I can't believe Pilfold scared you that much. Talk about someone who never changes. She looks just the same as when I left high school!

I probably soured you on Mr. Miller --- sorry but I still haven't forgiven him for forcing me to try cooked heart when we were studying anatomy. I moved from Emerson where Mr. Broers (my most favorite science teacher ever other than my science methods professor) had us dissecting pigs. I didn't quite make the jump from cutting them up to eating them. In his room, it was obvious who lived on the wrong side of the tracks and we must have had tracks running through our livingroom! I used every excuse possible to miss school during the remainder of that year.

The one thing I was definitely positive that I DIDN'T want to be was a teacher. My library media professors tried to talk me into getting a school endorsement and I flatly refused because there was no way in Hades that I was every going to teach!

When my back didn't survive the Navy, I had to readjust my life goals because I had decided before ever going to boot camp to make that my career and then retire at 40 and go to work for the post office. Weird, I know.

I had thought for sure I would make Taco John's my life, but fortunately management decided a guy who was getting married would be the next management candidate because he would have a family to support. That pissed me off so I quit.

Fortunately I met the right people along the way and ended up where I was meant to be. There is nothing quite like torturing students. I had always blanched at teaching little, little kids and only took the first and second grade job as a way to get my foot in the door until an upper grade job opened up. I wouldn't leave this age level now for anything.

My handle was Hot Stuff. I could never be a truck driver. I liked going with dad to Ravenna, but only because we got cheeseburgers, chocolate shakes and quarters to play pinball. Do they even make CB's any more?

nicki said...

Hey Katie, I think your handle was wascally wabbit. But maybe not. lucky duck? Was someone's handle robin hood or oscar the grouch? maybe that was my imaginary family instead.

Sue said...

Don't you guys know that Mr. Ocken has a cat on top of his head and no hair - he must be 'buying' gray.........