Monday, November 3, 2008

Candidate Endorsement

Now that the election is on us and we are all sick to death of campaign ads and anything even remotely political, along comes a candidate I like on all levels.

It seems that Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is in need of a new mayor.

She's up against a dozen dogs, Travis the cat, and even a jackass named Higgins.
 His campaign slogan is "You're going to end up with a jackass anyway, so you might as well vote for one." 

They make no "bones" that votes can be bought and they encourage people to vote often.
"Votes" are $1 and all proceeds go to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society.
Vote here:

This was featured on CBS Sunday Morning.  Finally, election coverage that I enjoyed!

Personally, I want a Vote for Lucy Lou t-shirt!

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