Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sundays at Stinson

Today at work I shot my first session. I had to go out into the mall to find a family of guinea pigs who wouldn't mind having a beginner take their photos.

I asked a woman and her friend if they would be interested and they happened to have their entire family at the mall, so my first shoot went from two moms to eleven adults and four babies! 

Fortunately, I didn't have to figure out how to pose everyone--which is surprisingly difficult. I just had to take the photos and my managers posed everyone for me. The whole family was really cool and they bought a few prints, so I felt pretty happy.

I'm hoping that I can (slowly) start my own photography business over the next few years. This job is great training. The only down side is that I'm working every weekend and almost every night,  so we have to work hard to make time for our favorite thing: Going to the beach! 

What kind of Californians would we be otherwise? Here are a few shots we took when we finally got away for a day last weekend . . . 

Our little albino babies were ready to hit the waves.

First, Anderson had to do a sand dance.

Isabella was the first one in.

I think we might have a future surfer on our hands.

hmmm. . . maybe not

holy crap! this water is freezing!
I can't feel my feet! Are they still there?

I can't look.

This water's too cold. Want to come sit on this old tree instead?

I'll give you a boost.

Hey, you have a great view of the bathroom. I wanna come up too!

Why are these trees so dang hard to climb?


Daddy saves the day!


Sister One said...

Great post! I was wondering how the job was going for you. I envy you being able to go to the beach ... especially on days like last Thursday.

SisterTwo said...

Dani and I made the same comment about your daughter being a surfer when we looked through all the wonderful photos on your Walgreen link.
I can't believe how much Anderson has changed since I last saw him.

Also loved the pictues of Isabella and her friends trick n treating.