Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just in time for Thanksgiving

About five months ago we discovered that our oven didn't work consistently. Some days it would heat, other times it would only get warm. This is not good when you have a hankering for cardboard pizza. Lucky for me, my cardboard pizzas fit in my toaster oven (which was the sole reason for buying it in the first place).

We suspected that our friend and his army were responsible for chewing on electrical wires.

And yes, Dani, those are cobwebs. I decorated for Halloween.

At any rate, we debated about buying a new stove, but since we don't do much cooking at home we kept putting it off. That is, we didn't do much cooking at home until Sister Two turned me on to Pioneer Woman's blog with the pictorial recipes. Now I'm baking apple turnovers and lasagna all the time. It worked in the toaster oven, but somehow we didn't think  a Cornish hen was on the menu for Thanksgiving, so it was high time to bite the bullet and go buy one so that we could actually cook a turkey!

So last Saturday after we got home from the ball game we stopped in and purchased it. I was so disappointed to learn that they no longer make almond color. We could have bought a cobalt blue one and I was tempted, but who's going to want a blue stove in ten years? So we settled for boring old white.  I didn't even want to try to keep a stainless steel one polished. 

The front right burner can either be a small burner or a large burner, which is a nice feature.
It also has the power boil capability, which I tested last night when I made macaroni and cheese.  Kraft style.

Now we need to buy a white refrigerator to match. 


Mardell said...

I think I am just fine with the almond frig until this death due us part thing happens and we have to get a new one. I hope it is not any time soon. +

Mary said...

You are supposed to polish stainless steel applicances???? Who knew???

Anonymous said...

On HGTV yesterday they to use olive oil on a soft cloth to clean and polish your stainless steel!! Mom

SisterTwo said...

How does that mouse manage to exist in your house with all the animals (prey) that live with you?????