Friday, November 7, 2008

Flashback Friday (Better Late Than Never)

Happy Birthday Grandma Martin!
I'm not sure how many birthdays you've seen come and go, but I hope that you had a wonderful day filled with lots of visitors and phone calls.

It's been a while since I've been up.
I'd say that was about forty pounds ago!

We always enjoyed your visits to our fair state, but there came a point where it seemed like we only saw you if someone died or was getting married.  (Kind of the same thing if you ask me.)

Uncle Fred was showing off his new suit.
I think this was the year that Uncle Hank died.

This was when Jen got married.  
I never realized we had the same hair-do going.

This was taken in 1986.  From left to right:  Aunt Sharon, Mom, Uncle David, Grampa Martin, Dad and Grandma Martin. 

Notice the awful silhouettes on the wall in the background.  Those are of the four of us girls and have been scaring away the mice for as long as I can remember.  Sister Three was probably all of two when Grandma Lou made those for Grandma Martin. Can you tell I have always hated them?  It probably has something to do with the lacy ruffle around my neck and the *#$&* bun on my head.

Grandma's house never changed.  Her furniture was always in the same place.  The pictures, clock, everything was always in the same place.

I look at Mom and Dad at the kitchen table and I smell coffee (usually Folger's crystals) in a green Anchor Hocking bakeware cup.  Grandma is bustling around getting food out because "yous kids must be hungry."

This was a trip that Mom and Dad actually made up alone.  Can you believe that?  I remember many a week-end when Dad would get a wild hare and just pack us up and take off to go visit.  It seemed like we would drive forever and ever and ever.

Here's to many more birthdays!


sister 3 said...

I like those shillouette things. That was the only time in my life when my hair was long enough to wear in a bun.

Sharon said...

Great picture of your Mom & Dad