Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

I arrived at my polling place bright and early this morning, ready to vote.

I did not have long line to wait in. The nice lady handed me my ballot

and I went into the polling cubicle.

I anxiously scanned the ballot for her name......

but I couldnt' find it anywhere.

Lucy Lou where are you?

I found someone named McCain and there was an Obama and Nader. What's up with that?

Even though I'm from the great state of Nebraska, who has ever heard of the Nebraska Political Party? First time I have ever heard of it.

I'm sorry the gentleman running on the green party is probally a very nice person, but all I think of is green tea.

So I finally made my choice, then handed my ballot back to the nice ladies and finally put on my I voted sticker.

I then walked up the three flight of stairs to my office to go to work.

How lucky am I to be able to vote in the same building I work at.

Both the girls will vote at their school today and this afternoon my husband will drive to town to cast his ballot. We learned from the last election, every vote does matter.

So it whoever you want to support this presidental election if fine,
just get out and vote!


Sue said...

Alyssa and Taylor drove down from Chadron and we went together to vote (their first time). Taylor had to take his shirt off and turn it inside out as it was an "Obama" shirt.

We then went to lunch.

I guess you could say we had an 'event'!!

nicki said...

Anderson and I voted at the school around the corner from our house this morning. I remember going with Dad once when he voted and I want our kids to grow up knowing how important it is to vote. We voted for obama this time.

Sister One said...

My better half and I were #5 and #6 at our polling place. They didn't have some of the ballots forms for voting for our electric district, so we could either wait until they arrived (I'm sure my kids would behave just fine without a teacher in the room) or go back later and vote. We opted to just stay and vote on what was available. The rest of the electric district will have to choose our board of directors.

We went to school and had our voting experience this afternoon. It was interesting listening to the kiddos parrot back what their parents had been saying. So and so is going to take away our guns. So and so is killing babies. So and so is going to raise our taxes. They actually knew who was running .... not bad for six to ten year olds and they knew that Obama's grandmother had just passed away.

We made the experience as realistic as possible. The teacher upstairs made a cool ballot box and voting booth. We set it up in the library and Mardell served as our "old lady election worker" (I'll probably pay for that one). She had the kids tell her their name and then sign in. She handed them their ballot and "special voting pencil" and directed them to the booth. They each marked their ballot and then folded it twice as instructed and placed it in the ballot box. Then they received their "I Voted" stickers. They each beamed after they cast their vote. It was a very serious affair for them and I'm glad that we took the time to do it.

We had 29 individuals vote. John McCain received 20 votes and Barack Obama received 9. We didn't put any of the other candidates on the ballot as we didn't want to confuse them and I couldn't remember anyone except Ralph Nader.