Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No ducks for Thanksgiving

There will be no duck for Thanksgiving at our house.
Hallelujah, I can just feed them now?
Instead of trying to catch a duck for Thanksgiving dinner?

It was a beautiful fall afternoon on Monday.
A perfect day to stop and feed the ducks at the lake.

My camera on my phone took a funky picture of Krista.
The leaning tower of Krista.
We won't have many more nice afternoons like this.
Before the snow and wind arrive for winter.

With the holidays upon us and winter knocking on the door....
I say good bye to abnormally warm fall afternoons.
(Unless it really is global warming.)

Happy Thanksgiving.


Mardell said...

I'm with duck for Thanksgiving. It is definitely only a turkey kind of day. I hope this beautiful weather holds for everyone going
somewhere on Thursday. Happy thanksgiving to all.

nicki said...

Hi Katie,

It's so nice to see pics of the kids. hope you had a great thanksgiving!

love, nicki