Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hi guys. How's it going? Sorry to hear about your school situation, Trudy. And I'm 
sorry I won't be close by to help carry your mountains of books to your new locale.

We were driving around today looking for interesting things to take pictures of.
After miles and miles of nothing but ducks, I had given up hope of finding anything

Then, we saw this:

OK, this picture doesn't do the bird justice. (I totally want photoshop
because my sucky photo imaging software doesn't crop right and if I try to lighten or
alter anything, my computer always crashes.)

You can see a little more detail here:


It's probably not very exciting for you farm folks, but I don't think I've seen an owl
in real life since a family flew over from the dump to Mississippi Ave. to try and
steal Champ's puppies (or was it the neighbor girl Cindy Beal?) back in the '80s.

(I'm sure no one else knows what I'm talking about because I have 
my own Nicki-version of memories that don't necessarily jive with anyone else's.)

I've been kind of moonlighting on another blog. I wanted to work on my 
"Nicki Orser Photography Blog" but since that career is moving along a little bit like
molasses, I changed it to the Orser family blog. 

Once the biz picks up, I'll start posting some session photos. In the meantime, I can
post pictures of my kids to my heart's content without filling guilty for clogging up
the three sisters one. So add my link to the faves, kay?

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SisterTwo said...

We do have an owl that lives on our farm. I love listening to him (maybe it's a do you tell?) at night. A few years ago for science class, Krista diesected owl pellets. They found all kinds of different animal bones in them. An owl pellet is basically owl poop. It acually was a fun class for them, playing with poop and finding mice skeltons.