Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Western Find

We are knee deep in calving season or is it waist deep.

The cowboys (not Sister Two) have been busy the last few weeks with calving duties.

(Okay we don't have a single long horn on our ranch, but I will tell you more about this picture later)

So it's not uncommon for us to be at the calving barn hanging out, and helping when necessary.

We are fortunate that the calving barn is outfitted

with an office, so you can kick back

and relax for a minute or make a snack.

During one of those "minutes" while I was relaxing,

I was looking through an old issue of the American Cowboy magazine that someone had left behind.

It was the first time I had ever looked at this particular magazine. It has some amazing pictures of different areas of our fine country and some good recipes.

At the back of the magazine there was ads for different things you can purchase.

One of the ads was for the Brighton Feed and Saddlery.

As most of you know, I don't ride horses.So shopping for a saddle probably isn't what excited me.

This is what I spied that I thought was so neat



and this super cool serving tray (love this).

What is this you ask? It is called Ranch Life Stoneware, and it depicts the Old American West.

As my other sisters will tell you, sister two does not need any new dishes. Because of a love affair with fiesta ware.

But I was thinking, that one of the projects available

for 4-H is table setting. I think this is would make great tableware for such a project.

Now I only have to convince one of my two daughters to take this project, and then direct them to

my cook book collection (my other love affair)

to plan the acopymaning menu.

Of course that would be "Beef ..... it's what for dinner".


Sister One said...

One can never have too many sets of dishes. Right now we have four or five different patterns (not including our two different sets of Christmas dishes). Of course we don't have the love affair with Fiesta Ware, but we were just talking about how we were probably due for a new set soon! The really sick part about all of this is that we don't COOK!

But the ones you found are really cool!

Sue said...

You have to remember that I am paying storage every month for four sets of dishes for Todd. His children are going to have the most expensive dishes yet!!!!