Monday, March 30, 2009

In the Midst of it all

In the midst of a long, hard week my momma cat didn't let me down.

I was beat when I got home on Wednesday. 
I stopped to give Willowby her evening belly rub.
There is something very calming about
rubbing a furry, pregnant belly.

This has become our nightly ritual since I figured out
she was pregnant and not just getting fat!
(Willowby is the ONE and ONLY cat that we have that isn't spayed or neutered.)

She has especially enjoyed having her
belly rubbed since she's been pregnant.

The babies had been very active all week and
I knew she would soon begin looking for places to have her litter.

When I got up to make the coffee on Thursday morning,
I checked on her only to discover that she had begun birthing.

She chose my laundry basket.
It's a good thing that I own 412 pairs of khaki pants!  
Six pair are underneath my flannel snowman sheets in this particular basket.
Evidently flannel sheets make for a wonderful birthing nest.

There were two babies.  

Now I had a true dilemma:
Should I go to the hospital and be with my mother or
stay home and be with my momma kitty?

Mom won out ..... 
I knew I'd never hear the end of it if I stayed home 
to watch the kittens being born instead of 
standing by her bedside watching her struggle for breath!

Besides that, my rechargeable batteries for my camera had worn out
and I hadn't replaced them yet, so I couldn't  pictorially document 
the event.   So it was a no-brainer and I went to the hospital.
I got home that night to find that she had indeed had the six kittens that I had predicted.

Mardell had thought she would only have two or three.
I think Mardell was hoping that she would only have two or three.

I took this picture tonight. 
They are four days old and, 
yes, that calico does have it's eyes open.

It's because I rub it's belly now, too.

Momma lets me handle them all I want, as long as I rub her belly
and scratch behind her ears and underneath her chin.
Life is good when you have kittens.

I've decided to name them after Mom's nurses. 
Meet Katherine, Jenna, Becky, Lydia, Anna, and Janie.

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Jaala said...

How sweet! But I'm so disappointed...I was sure there would be a play by play slide show of the event! It's been a lllooooong time since I first saw a mommy kitty have kittens. Love the names! They must have left a positive impression!