Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long time no write

Hi. Just wanted to take a minute to say hello. My old roommate Janet introduced me to facebook, so I've been wasting way too much time on it and neglecting my two sisters. 

It was a sad day on Saturday because I had to take our little Maggie cat to the vet to be put to sleep. 
I thought she had an abscessed tooth because she was drooling, but it turned out she had a tumor in her mouth instead. I didn't expect to be so sad because she was totally old and I knew she was going to die one of these days, but it's very weird to not have her around anymore. 

I can't write something without posting pictures of my kids -- so here are our newest spring pics:

The ones above are in a field of daffodils near the arboretum in davis and the ones below are in the vineyards in St. Helena where mustard flowers grow wild.  

Love you all! Hope everyone is doing well!


SisterTwo said...

OMG the kids have gotten BIG. I love Anderson's curls and Isabelle's pig tails. We have to get together soon. I miss you so much!

You are so lucky to have your spring flowers blooming! It looks like so pretty and green. It looks like Western Nebraska is setting up for another dry and drier year. I miss the green.

I'm sorry about Maggie. It's so hard to loose our pets. We had to put Max to sleep after New Year, also because of cancer. But it still stinks. The bright side is we are actually looking at puppies (lab-retriever mix) today.

I have to get your camera, it takes awesome pictures! Or is the awesome kids?

Mom said...

I'm so sorry about Maggie. You had her a long time.

I love the pictures. Don't I have the most beautiful grandchildren!! All of them are growing up to fast though.

I miss you guys. Can't wait til all of us can be together again.

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