Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What is wrong with this picture?

As I drove by this house last evening,
I discovered something was wrong.

You are thinking the obvious.... a bad picture.

Okay so lets fix the picture and try to see what's wrong.

Okay that's better. A picture of a plain looking house.

But what most of you don't know is this,

the three sister's great grandparents built this house.

Irene and Ward Hall

They lived in this house at 819 Black Hills Avenue,

for as long as us grand kids can remember.

We have great memories of grandmother's house.

Years later our parents purchased this house, and resided there.

But what is missing from this picture is part of our childhood.....

Oh yeah, the great big tree in front of the house.

The tree that we climbed high into the branches,

because you could climb higher in this tree than the apple or cherry tree.

The tree we jumped out of into huge snowdrifts during a winter snow storm.

It saddens me to see the tree gone, and yet another

memory of grandmother's house changed.

The house has changed owner's over the years, and

with new owners things about the house have changed also.

But cutting down this magnificent tree is the saddest change.

Of course the current owners are probably

relieved that it won't fall on the house now.

1 comment:

Sister One said...

You did a nice rendition of the old tree. I spent many, many hours in that tree. Great grandma used to let me take a pillow out so that I could lay in the branches and read. When I was done, I would jump out and she would always say, "Ooh, that makes my feet hurt." Then we'd go in and eat cookies and drink Coke. What I wouldn't give for a chance to spend 24 hours with Grandma again.