Monday, March 9, 2009

A Whole New Level of Insanity

As you know, today is the day that the school board 
is going to discuss the possibility of closing our little school.
I believe it is just a formality.

Consolidating the two schools is a sound business decision.
I believe they chose the wrong one, but I am a bit biased.

So tell me, why would I travel to another state 
and buy 332 books to add to my collection
that I'm going to have to move?

Oh, but it was a spectacular sale.  
Those Phi Delta Gammas know how to hold a book sale.

We arrived early.  It was cold so we didn't get into line immediately.
Of course, I couldn't stand it and finally braved the cold temps.

I was about fifteenth in line ---
a line that snaked around the building
and was two and a half blocks long! 

 (Can you say claustrophobia once we got inside?!) 

Mardell and I make a great team.

She got a shopping cart and I sorted through boxes of books.
You wouldn't believe how many small children
I had to elbow out of the way!

It was an incredible sale and I found lots of great titles.
I added a significant number of Newbery Award Winners to our collection.
I also found about a dozen poetry books.
That's always a good thing.

And guess what?
The Casper Public Library is having a huge sale on March 28th!
I can hardly wait! 


SisterTwo said...

Oh dear, I think I will take back my offer to help you move your class room, if it becomes necessary.

I will keep my fingers crossed tonight.

Mary said...

This is not a new level of are as insane as you always have been!!