Thursday, March 5, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

On Tuesday night we had conferences at school.
They went very, very well. 

We had about four to go when we receive a message to
call our administrator before we left the school.  
It was important that we were both on the line.
(That's always a little bit scary in and of itself, but
you really have to know our boss to fully understand.)

We had about ten minutes before our last 
scheduled appointment, so we decided to call.

Our administrator tells us to hang on 
because she needs to close the door.

Did I mention how well our conferences had gone?  

My heart just sunk to my stomach because 
it's never good news when the boss needs
to talk to you behind closed doors.  

She gave us the news that our school board
is considering closing our little school.  

Never in a million years did we see that coming.  
We had been told that we were safe for another year.  

I was instantly sick to my stomach because 
we had assured at least six parents 
that we would be open next year.  

All of the teachers will still have a job somewhere in 
the district .... we just won't know where. 

You remember all those snazzy pictures I shared at the first of the year?

You know .... the ones that showed off our personal library?

The personal library that contains over 6,500
books and will probably need to be moved?!

Yeah, that one.  I'll be calling for help.
Sister Two already graciously offered,
but she was quick to say that she wasn't
taking any classroom pets home.

Just when I thought the night couldn't get any worse,
it became obvious that Skippy Jon Jones,
our fat, decrepit, but lovable poodle was dying.
I wrapped him up in a towel and held him.
He's old and this wasn't completely unexpected,
but still ... that compounded the crumminess of the night.

But you know what really put me over the edge?!

Sister Two's post about the old maple tree.
That was just more than I could take.
It was kind of like losing Grandma Hall all over again.

Incidentally, Skippy died just after midnight.

The up side is that he didn't suffer and lived a long life.
The even "uppier" side is that the ground is no longer frozen!


Mary said...

RIP Skippy John

SisterTwo said...

I'm sorry about Skippy Jon Jones. I do hope today is going better for you, and only good news comes your way.

Hopefully, the school board will reconsider. But as most of us in rural area aleady know, country schools are a thing of the past. Which doesn't help us that have to drive 20 plus miles to the nearest schools.

Sue said...

I'm so sorry about Skippy - this has been a really crummy week I would say. I love you and I hope that helps. Aunt Sue