Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness

I detest March Madness.

Especially since we get one channel
and that channel carries every single blasted game!

Basketball is meant to be played, not watched.

I only like watching games in this venue.

Usually I go to watch Niece One (#10)

but for the past two years, I've gotten to go to
the day-long tournament that Niece Two played in.

Last year was especially fun because Dani would steal
the ball from her own team mates and dribble down the court.

She didn't do that this year and I have to admit that 
I was a bit disappointed.  The kids play hard.

Dani was very serious.
She passed on concessions.
That's definitely serious.

She got the tip on her jump ball.

"I'll pass it to you, but give it right back, okay?"

The coaches were intent.

If it gets too loud, just plug your ears.
Even if you're playing.
Or if you get bored, you can spin and twirl.
But that's okay, it's all good.

There was one given though.
Wherever the ball was, the girls would run to it.
The level of sportsmanship is high and teams 
congratulate each other after a game.
In between games, friendships rule ....
even if you aren't on the same team.

Winning the tournament was sweet ....

... even for the coach.

In between their own games, 
the line up watches the other teams intently.

After it is all said and done, everyone receives a certificate.

This sure beats March Madness.

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SisterTwo said...

Daugter number one would disagree with you. She is a March Madness fanatic!!!!! Of course she enjoys playing it as much as daughter #2.