Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movie Watch

Have you ever wanted to go visit a place, after watching a good movie?
Well I spent 165 minutes this past weekend watching this movie:
(Okay I watched it twice, and that is why there is still housework to be done)
It had a great story and Hugh Jackman is easy on the eyes.
It is a story about an English "Lady" (Nicole Kidman) who travels to Australia
to sell the family cattle station, and bring her husband back home to England.
She meets up with the "Drover" (Hugh Jackman) and story enfolds from there.
You need to rent it at the video store, and see if you liked as much as I did.
I don't want to give the movie away so I won't talk plot anymore.
But at one point of the movie daughter # 1 said she was sure that the
girls from Drover's Run would come riding up and save the cattle herd.

(girls from Drover's Run)

Okay, now I'm sure I have confused you. Another favorite TV series of mine is this:
(which is also filmed in Australia)

The series started with two sisters struggle
and triumphs of running " Drovers Run"
( their families cattle/sheep/horse station/ranch/farm)
I watched the first three season of McLeod's Daughters on WE channel.
For some insane reason, that stopped broadcasting it. I forced to buy
each season on DVD, and so far I have watched season 1-7.
The final season (8) comes out in America on May 5th, and that will
the end of the Drover's Run gang.
But it has made me want to visit Australia some day.

Another movie that I watched years ago

Anne of Green Gables and then the television show Avolena.

I can easily watch this movie over and over.

But now I want to visit Canada and explore Prince Edward Island.

So which TV show or movie have you watched,

that has inspired you to want to travel?

I can add these locations to "My bucket list":


Prince Edward Island

Visit a cranberry bog

Watch cotton be harvested


Anonymous said...

The Bahamas..... the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise.

Anonymous said...

Hogwart's Castle

SisterTwo said...

Where is Harry Potter filmed? I've always wondered that, and I also think it would be lots of fun to visit that castle. I sure wish the next movie would hurry up and be released, and then we will have to wait forever for the last two installments (Book 7).