Sunday, August 3, 2008

Can Trudy Come Out To Play?

I've created two little monsters.

I got these little guys from Julie, my first teaching partner, for finally finishing my master's degree. Actually, I got Grady, the graduate goat and she got Gussie, the pain in the ass goat.

We decided that we didn't want lone goats so we went looking for a pygmy to keep with each of our respective goats. In the meantime, Grady stayed with her to keep Gussie company. A month later we found these two beauties.

By this time Grady and Gussie were so bonded we couldn't bear to break them up, so we decided Julie would keep Grady and Gussie and I'd get the pygmy pair.

Great idea --- except these two were W-I-L-D. Couldn't even touch 'em. We got them from a woman near Bayard. A male and female pair.

She had stupid names for them --- Strip and Strap.
(I think she lisped when she read The Three Billy Goats Gruff.)

Anyway I decided to rename them.
I was leaning toward Thunder and Lightning, but decided that was about as lame as Strip and Strap. I pondered Greek God and Goddess names, but couldn't decide.

I had finally decided upon Riley for this guy.

I wanted a good female name that went with Riley. Then Mardell pointed this out to me.

"Ummm, Trudy. I don't think you have a little girl there. Females don't pee like this."

So meet Sheezahe.
(Think about it as you say it.)

Let's not even get into how long this discovery took.

A year and a half passes. It's amazing what bribing them with Goat Chow will do!

Now they follow me around like puppy dogs --- which they seem to think they are.
You have to admit though .... anything that turns this:

into this:
can't be all bad!

I have been frantically painting the last few days in a futile attempt
to finish before I have to report back to work. These two have been good company.

Their antics have amused me.
Here is Allie, my faithful painting companion.
She's just lying there peacefully minding her own business.

Liittle does she know what is sneaking up behind her.

Of course, the flash on my camera didn't recharge in time to get the butting.

This is why Mardell doesn't like goats.
They like to eat trees.
and more trees
and more trees.

When he wasn't munching on tree branches, Riley made a pretty good inspector.

The ants got to Sheezahe and he spent a good while biting ants off of his back hoof.

Horns come in handy when you have an itch.

But now, it's high time to quit kidding around and get back to work!


SisterTwo said...

Once upon a time we were given two kittens from Aunt Trudy. The girls named them Zoe and Zoom They grew and grew. Zoom liked to play outside more, we thought it was because he was a tom. Well Zoom went missing for a couple of days. Upon his return he was swollen like a watermelon. I couldn't figure out what he had eaten. Until I realized he was a SHE and was about to become a mama cat. So I guess it happens to all of us.

sister 3 said...

We need a goat for our yard!