Friday, August 8, 2008

Sister 2 and Hubby Rock

In the 15 years or so that my sister has been married to Keith, I have probably had two dozen conversations with the man. It's not that we don't talk .... we do .... but we just don't have real conversations. But let me tell you, he has my utmost respect. Anybody that can live with Sister 2 does! Just kidding.

Seriously though, I've always felt that Keith was worthy of Katie (and vice versa). They complete each other and are totally dedicated to their kids. I can't begin to imagine trying to keep up the pace that they do. Between fund raising for their private school, to taking leadership roles in 4-H, to church, to sports, concerts, dance recitals and other school functions as well as working full time .... they are constantly on the go. I get tired just listening to their schedule.

I got up at the butt crack of dawn to drive to Hemingford, but these two had been up long before that and by the time I got to the fairgrounds they were already immersed in readying the livestock for the show. I don't care how stressed they are or how tired they might be, they never lose their cool and become impatient.

The three of them work so well together. They seem to just know what they should do and they do it. And they do it without running into each other or getting annoyed about anything. To top it off, Keith is fair superintendent so while he and Katie are busily trying to prep the livestock, they were both bombarded with a gazillion questions. Really, it was a gazillion. I counted them. And yet, they never lost their composure. They could help everyone out and if Keith needed to take off for something, Katie just stepped in and finished up whatever needed finishing.

(Sorry about the butt picture Krista --- that just happened to be where you were working!)

Out of the 173 pictures that I took of Krista and her cows today, this is one of my favorites.
Simply because she and her dad work together so well.
Synchronicity. Pure and simple.

I've been going to the beef show for three years now
and I still can't see how they know what to clip.

To me, it doesn't look like there's anything there to clip.
Prepping the legs is also interesting.

Even when I think they look pretty darn good, Keith welcomes tips from the neighbor.

Your diligence and hard work has paid off. You have two fantastic kids.
You guys both rock!

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Angie Fritzler said...

Trudy, Katie, and Nikki these are great!!! Trudy did you come up with this idea? I would love it for my sisters and brother would do this. I love the county fair pic actually I love all of them wish sister 4 was here but she is reading from above. You guys are the greatest and Katie you have a terrific family, Nikki you do as also but I always see Keith and Katie at the fair it is such a good time there we need to get together more often then just at the fair. You girls are the bomb and I truly Love each and everyone of you and I still miss sister 4 everyday.