Thursday, August 21, 2008

College Bound

It seems like it was just yesterday when Marissa slept in a drawer at our house ....
and yet this week-end we are going to Longmont to load up the CR-V and help her move into her dorm in Torrington at EWC.

She and Brandon loved to play dress-up and pretend 
that they were all grown up.  I swear that seems like just yesterday. 
This was Mardell's baptism gown that we found after
Marjorie (Mardell's mother) had died and we were cleaning out some rooms. 
Isn't she just cute?
It was just yesterday that she was driving a Fisher-Price car.  
Now she'll be taking Izzy (her car's name) to school. 
Grandma is in the background thinking she is really a goofy kid.  This was Jamal's first or second birthday and she was pretty bored.  He didn't understand birthdays yet.
She doesn't look much more excited here.  I think she 
just tolerated fishing, but it was an excuse to go do something with me.
Fortunately that aspect hasn't changed as she has grown up.  Here we are looking at the draft horses that were with the Mormon trail when it came through town.  I love her braids.
This was our trip from hell.  We took Nicholas, Little Jen, Brandon and Marissa to South Dakota for four hellish fun-filled days.  We swore we would never take them back.

This was the trip where Jamal ate oatmeal and raisins for breakfast before we drove to South Dakota.  He got carsick .... all over me.  We were about to Chadron when Marissa asked her Mom where we were going.  Mary replied that we were going to the faces in South Dakota.  Marissa replied, "Are you sure?  Trudy said she'd never take me to South Dakota again."

She may have grown up, but she's still a screwball at times!

She's turned into quite a photographer.  She took this picture last Christmas.
I haven't mastered the timer yet.  I may have to have her teach me.
She may have thought that graduation would never get here, but we just think that she grew up way too fast.  I'm looking forward to help her move into college and that first step toward independence.  I'm glad she'll be close by.  I've missed her. 


nicki said...

Yay Missy! Tell her good luck from all of us in Davis.

Anonymous said...

o.k. i thought i had all the players figured out. who is brandon?

Anonymous said...

and little jen and nicholas?